About Myself

I am a Software Engineer, having over 5 years of experience in Back-End development, from Georgia. I am the author and maintainer of several PHP libraries and Drupal modules. My Library "gen-md" is a winner of the PHP Innovation Award. Also, I am the creator and co-owner of the local online competition system for learning programming - Informatics.Ge and an Open Source contributor. I contributed to well-known projects and companies such as Symfony, phpMyAdmin, Slim Framework, Composer, Wodby, Imbo, ThePHPLeague, etc.

Besides Software Development I also have an experience in DevOps, more specifically in Containerisation/Dockerization, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Automatic testing. I am the author of an Open Source dockerization tool for the Symfony framework called docker4symfony; The creator and maintainer of many internal building and development tools and scripts.

My Stack

  • Languages: Python, PHP, GO, Java,
  • Frameworks: Flask, FastAPI, django, Symfony
  • OS: Linux, Linux and only Linux
  • IDEs: Everything from JetBrains :)
  • Tools: Docker, Ansible, Terraform, GitHub, Gitlab, Jenkins


  Data Structures
  Web Development
  Unit Testing
  Travis CI
  Defensive Programming
  Back-End Web Development
  Github Actions
  • Jan 2019 - Present


    Head of DevOps, Software Engineer
    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Dec 2018 - Present


    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Jun 2021 - Jul 2021

    Scientific Cyber Security Association (SCSA)

    Course Lecturer
    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Apr 2021 - Jul 2021


    DevOps Engineer
    Hamburg, Germany (Remote)

  • Jun 2020 - Aug 2020


    Software Engineer
    Manalapan, Florida (Remote)

  • Jun 2020 - Jul 2020

    Scientific Cyber Security Association (SCSA)

    Guest Lecturer
    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • oct 2017 to Aug 2021

    Caucasus School of Technology

    Bachelor of
    Computer Science

Last Works

Here you will see the recent projects that I worked on.